(Video) How To Overcome Decision Paralysis by Counting The Opportunity Cost

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Do you often find yourself torn between two choices? Are you struggling with making wise decisions because of fear?

As soon as we wake up everyday, we are faced with different choices: Should I get up or hit the snooze button? Should I go to work or stay at home? And the challenge goes on and on.

Making great choices is never easy. That’s why good decision making involves counting the cost.

In economics, one of the most important concepts is ‘opportunity cost’ – the idea that once you spend your money on something, you can’t spend it again on something else. – Malcolm Turnbull

Some of our decisions will cost us not only our money but our time, our resources, our relationships, or even opportunities. And this is where fear often comes in. This results in people being stuck or indecisive.

Would you like to learn a concept that could help you think rationally, take a bold step, and make a better decision that you feel content about?


Then watch this video:

In this weekly special, I shared a useful concept called “Opportunity Cost” that can help you weigh your options, feel confident about your choice, and be bold enough to stick to it.

So how does this work?

Whenever you are faced with a decision, you can calculate the opportunity cost by stating the risks and benefits of both. If the benefit of your chosen option is more than the risk of losing the other, then you know you made the right choice.

Moreover, by shifting your fearful inner dialogue from “What if I fail?” to a success mindset that says “What if I succeed?”, you are conditioning yourself to make confident choices in the future.

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Every day presents us with the opportunity to live our lives to the fullest.

Remember, whatever costs you your peace, your happiness, and your health is way too expensive. So learn to count the costs, and choose wisely.

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Dr. Rozina

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