How To Manifest Anything With Gratitude; Advanced Gratitude Technique

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Are you having trouble manifesting something you’re believing for?

The Law of Attraction suggests that in order to manifest something, you have to believe that you already have it. Affirmation is saying something in the present tense to train your mind that your goals are realistic and achievable. And visualization is seeing them in your brain as if you have achieved them.

This is a very powerful concept. But how come some of us have difficulty convincing ourselves that these things could actually be real? Is there a more effective way of affirming our goals?

The concept of Advanced Gratitude helps us to eliminate doubt and set more realistic expectations about our goals by setting the focus from “believing that you have it now” to “feeling grateful now because of your belief that you will eventually have it in the future.

Doing this increases the chances of achieving that goal and brings you a sense of gratitude to keep your goal alive.

Would you like to learn a powerful gratitude technique so you can easily manifest your goals into reality?


Then watch this video:

In this weekly special, I shared a simple gratitude practice called “Advanced Gratitude” to help you with your goal achievement.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. Being grateful now for the things that you could achieve in the future makes you more inclined to take proactive steps towards the achievement of your goals.

So try practicing this advanced gratitude technique by owning the grateful feeling now and saying: “I am happy and grateful in advance that…”
Let me know how it goes for you.

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By sharing, you will participate in the mission of promoting joy and happiness.

Remember, what the mind can conceive, you can achieve. There are no limits to what you can do in this lifetime.

So keep thinking positive, keep improving, always cultivate the habit of gratitude and you will go a long way.

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

P.S: This technique is one of the several that are part of our 7 day gratitude challenge. These techniques can boost your positivity manyfold. Would you like to get a huge return on your investment of 5 minutes a day in the form of joy and contentment? Then take this 7-day Gratitude Challenge: http://bit.ly/7dayGC2020

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