A Unique Technique To Build Confidence (Even If You Feel Like A Failure) Grateful Achievement/Visions Step #1


A Unique Technique To Build Confidence (Even If You Feel Like A Failure) Grateful Achievement/Visions Step #1

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Pat shared her frustration with me; “How can I be confident and affirm that I have the best job possible when I am receiving only rejections to all my job applications?”

She was trying to recover from her condition and had made a vision board to help her visualize what she wanted in life. She said, “When you are facing so many problems, how can you feel confident and believe that you could achieve your dreams?”  She was going through a tough time and feeling guilty and focused on regrets in life. She could not feel confident. Many people have similar troubles feeling confident in their vision when they are going through a difficult time.

You may or may not be going thru difficult time but you may be just thinking about your New Year’s resolutions as the year ends. This is a good time to reflect on what goals you were able to achieve in the past year, what great surprises came your way that you did not anticipate at the beginning of the year and what you would like to achieve in the New Year.

Therefore I thought of sharing this unique technique from the new “Stress to Joy Guided Gratitude Journal.” It can help you look to the past and future with confidence, enjoy your present and also increase the chances of your achieving those goals manifolds.

Let’s review it in two steps.

  1. Grateful Achievement
  2. Grateful Vision

Grateful Achievement.

When Pat faced the above dilemma, I advised her to add a Grateful Achievement and change her vision board to Grateful Vision using advanced gratitude concept. She took a manila folder with two plain sheets of paper pasted/stapled on each side. One side was her Grateful Achievement, and the other side was Grateful Vision.

For Grateful Achievement she wrote:

I am grateful that I was able to

  • Pass high school
  • Win a championship in athletics
  • Become a mother to two beautiful children
  • Write a resume and give good interviews

I’ll share what she wrote on the other side – in the next blog on describing Grateful Vision.

Before doing this, she was feeling like a total failure. She could not feel the confidence that she could get out of the hole she was in at that time, with all the legal and financial difficulties.

The next time I saw her, she had a big smile on her face. Her energy was palpable. She felt confident yet humble.  When she did this as part of her daily practice, her goals remained in front of her, and she kept on taking deliberate steps towards her goal. She was close to achieving success.

You may be asking, why Grateful Achievement?

You can easily accomplish results with a simple achievement board. John Assaraf teaches using Achievement Boards where you post all the symbols of successes you have achieved in life till now.

I tried it but had some difficulty due to my past belief system. I grew up in a culture where talking about your achievements is considered negative. Therefore, I try to be humble which is a high virtue in my value system. However, when someone is too humble, it affects their confidence and ability to express where it is needed, like in a job interview.

When you add ‘I am grateful that I was able to achieve’ in front of the list of your achievements, you can feel the confidence with humility and be the best you can be. Therefore, I use Grateful Achievement.

If you do this exercise, you will also be able to feel confidence without arrogance. Combine it with Grateful Vision and you will have a tool that will help you get closer and closer to your success with confidence and humility.

Go ahead make your list of achievements and say I am grateful that I was able to achieve….

Don’t forget the simple achievements because for you they may be simple but for many people in the world, it may not be.

For instance, when I taught this technique to primary grade kids, one of them shared her goal of understanding a certain math concept yet said I don’t think I can ever achieve that goal. I asked her if she understood some other math concepts and she listed many. She minimized her simple achievement, saying it is not a big deal. Everyone knows that. Yet it was a big deal to a kid from lower grade sitting next to her.  Furthermore, there are many kids who may not even have the chance to learn those concepts as they don’t or can’t go to school.

It made sense to her. Once she listed her gratitude for being able to learn and know the learned concepts, she felt more confident that she will be able to achieve the goal of learning other concepts she was having difficulty with.

You could also be grateful for all the simple things that you may take for granted or say, it is not a big deal.

Acknowledge them, offer gratitude for them and it will help you feel more confident to be able to achieve the goals you would like to achieve.

I will share the next step Grateful Vision in the next blog meanwhile let me know how this step helped you. If you would like me to share your list of achievements with others to inspire them, please write to me.

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