A Unique Team Building Activity That Stimulates Both Sides of the Brain

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Have you noticed that disharmony in teams leads to a negative work environment? Doesn’t it affect both an individual’s and a team’s performance and productivity?

On the other hand, when teams work together in harmony, it brings synergy to their work. It brings positivity and improves their performance and productivity. 

So what can teams do to build their harmony and understanding? 

You may have attended some team building activities. Would you like to learn about a new and unique program that can help? 

I recently presented at such a program and witnessed the benefits of this approach. It combined the power of mindset training with collaborative art.

Participants experienced individual transformation as well as increased harmony in an enjoyable environment. By stimulating both sides of the brain, they were able to perform at their best. They felt joy, peace, and relaxation with their teammates. And the best part was seeing their combined results at the end. It brought the message of strength in diversity in ways that no words could have been able to deliver. 

Would you like to learn more? Here is how it started and worked. 

As you may know, I have been giving keynotes and workshops on positive mindset training. Recently, I noticed the power of collaborative art at the team building activities Jay was doing. 

Seeing the benefits of each program, we thought, “What if we combine the benefits of both programs? With mindset training that stimulates the left side of the brain, we can focus on the wellness of mind. 

With the creative activity that stimulates the right side of the brain, we can focus on the wellness of the team. We know that creative activities improve individual problem-solving and collaboration can enhance team harmony.” 

Stimulating both sides of the brain could result in the best performance. It would also help the team develop a positive work environment. So the program “Well Mind Well Team” evolved. 

When I met the president of a local community college and shared the thinking behind this program, it intrigued him. He brought his leadership team for this program during their retreat. It was a super success. So I thought I would share it with you. 

There are three phases to this program:

The first was Mindset training. During this phase, participants learned techniques for developing positive mindsets, mindfulness, and stress management. We practiced exercises and learned through demonstrations.

The second phase was a collaborative art project. The team members chose the combined picture they wanted to work on, both individually and collaboratively. Initially, they outlined their canvases together. Then each painted their canvas separately in their own way. 

One participant noted that her favorite part was enjoying the activity with her colleagues (including her boss). 

Another one commented on how he caught himself judging his own or other’s paintings. By practicing non-judgemental thinking, he was able to accept his strengths and weaknesses. 

I found the third phase the most powerful. In this phase, the team was able to see the combined results of their efforts. They experienced the beauty of synergy. They saw how their team could achieve great results despite their individuality as long as they focus on a common goal. With acceptance and respect for diversity, their team became stronger. They were on their way to improve their organization’s positivity, performance, and productivity even further. 

So …

What do you think? 

Can you improve your team’s harmony by engaging in something like this? 

The term team refers to any group that comes together to achieve a common goal. It is not limited to your work team. It could be your community’s, friends’, or family’s teams. (I will share the examples in my next blog of how families can use the same concept to improve their harmony ). 

Let me know by responding to this post if you would like to implement a program like this for your team. 

Here for the link for this article so you can share it with your teams. 

Dedicated to your best health and happiness,

Dr. Rozina


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