(Video) Am I Depressed Or Just Sad Quiz; A Self Assessment Tool-PHQ 9

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Do you know someone (or maybe you) asking the question, “Am I depressed or just sad?” 

 As sad mood is a normal emotion and is used interchangeably with depressed mood, it sometimes creates confusion between depression and sadness. 

 Although you need a professional to make a proper diagnosis of a Depressive Disorder (or clinical depression), this quiz will give you a pretty good idea. 

In this video, I have explained a simple nine items self-assessment tool called PHQ 9.  

Click to watch the video and assess if the signs you are noticing could be depression or just sadness:

As a medical doctor with a specialization in psychiatry and 20 + years of experience in helping people with depression, I have used many tools for assessing depression. 

I find this simple tool, PHQ 9, easy to use for most people. It has also been clinically validated. Therefore it is used widely by health care professionals. 

 Recently a friend called me to ask how she can find if her son has depression. I made this video to help her and many others who get lost in mixed information available online. 

 As I walk you through question by question in this video, you will be able to score your answers and find if you, or others you care about, may have depression. You will also get an estimate of the severity of depression so you can take appropriate steps before it gets worse. 

Depression is a chronic biological illness like diabetes. The sooner you take steps, the lesser the suffering. 

Download this questionnaire, PHQ 9, so you can easily score your answers. PHQ 9 is a part of the TMS checklist. (TMS is a non-medication option for treatment-resistant depression. I had shared this checklist as a resource with the TMS video). 

The TMS checklist has two components. The first page is this questionnaire -PHQ 9, and the second page is the 5 item screener for TMS for depression. You can use the first part to answer this “Am I depressed or Just Sad Quiz.” Click to download: https://bit.ly/TMScheck

The best way to watch this video is to have this checklist handy and score as I explain each question. But if you don’t have the list handy, pick a piece of paper and jot down your scores as I walk you through this self-assessment tool for depression. 

Did you watch the video yet? If not, click here to view: https://youtu.be/WpS5HTDUUV0

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Dr. Rozina

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