Do you have low energy levels

IDHD – Food and Mood

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Have you ever noticed that you feel cranky when you don’t get proper food at proper times? Do you ever wonder how food affects your mood and your mind’s ability to function?  Read on to learn what Jim discovered and how changing his food affected his mood. This is what…

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How to say no to alcohol with ease

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Sheldon is a twenty-year-old third-year college student who is interning at a corporation. She attends a company party. She wants to mix in with everyone and make a good impression as she’s hoping to get a job with this company. At this party, she notices most people having a glass…

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How much will you save if you stop smoking?

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Do you or someone you care about smokes?  Today, one of my patients, Maya, who is having back pain, shared her difficulty with smoking. So I thought of sharing with you some aha’s and resources that helped her. It may help you (or someone you care about) save your money…

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Finding time to Enjoy

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Do you feel like your life is so busy, there is no time to enjoy?  Many people feel like that, including me. Recently a drug rep, Sean, shared with me how he found time after applying some of the techniques from my book. He used one exercise in a way that…

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Joy Of Giving

Joy Of Giving – How to Add Meaning To Your Life?

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Are you looking for activities that can add meaning to your life? Recently a patient shared how helpless he feels when he can’t do anything for people suffering from hunger. I shared with him an experience of my joy of giving that most people can easily do with a little…

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