What Is Your Purpose? Why Are You Doing It?

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Every day may not be perfect but every day has a purpose.

Have you ever asked yourself before doing anything as to why you are doing it? Pick any one of your leisure activities or family time or anything else that you’re doing and ask what is the goal of doing it?

What happens when you travel to a place for vacation and your luggage gets lost? Do you get upset and frustrated? The outburst would have been the same for all. When I lost my luggage while on a family trip, I also got very upset.

But, I reminded myself what’s the purpose of this vacation?

The purpose was to enjoy time with family, so I let myself calm down and focused on the purpose.  I started thinking about ways how we are going to enjoy, which places to visit and it automatically changed the direction and we enjoyed our vacation despite the hurdle.

The purpose of sharing this story is to make you understand that even if in the path of your purpose you face many hurdles, once you focus on your purpose, you will be able to reach your destination.

It’s like using your compass to stay in a direction you have chosen for your life; to be happy, peaceful and joyful.

COMPASS is the acronym to remember the seven habits of happiness we use in the program Stress to Joy.

P of our COMPASS represents “Purpose”.

You have often heard this saying when you’re eating the banana eat the banana throw away the peel. We don’t get stuck in the peel and not eat the banana.

I was with my friend the other day and we went to pick her daughter from school. She had a game at her school that day. The first thing her mom asked her was did you win the game?

Her daughter was really upset and she said no. She started giving reasons why they lost the game.  But, was that the real purpose of playing games?

The actual purpose is to enjoy and have fun while playing games, winning is an additional part.

So, what may be a better way to focus on purpose? What if my friend would have asked her daughter, did she have fun playing the game? Hence, it would allow her daughter to focus on real purpose and enjoy the sports weather she wins or not.

When you start gauging the purpose of doing everything, your level of happiness goes higher and the level of stress goes down.

Let’s start practicing it from today.

How do you do that?

I suggest that whatever you do whether you are setting up your goal, whether you are setting up a to-do a task or whether you are doing a leisure activity, whatever you are doing ask Why? What is the purpose of my doing?

Steven Covey recommends writing a mission statement for life. This word “Mission Statement” seems too big or too difficult concept for some. But, come to think of it; What is a mission?

It’s just deciding the purpose of whatever you are doing. Just think every day, what you want to do and what is the purpose and that will eventually help you reach your goal.

My purpose in sharing this blog is to bring your awareness to your purpose so you can achieve your goals despite any hurdles that may come in your way of success.

Click here to watch the video on purpose focus thinking from Stress to Joy 21-day online course.

Let me know what you found most useful and if you have any questions.

Dedicated to your health and happiness,

Dr. Rozina

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