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Making Thanksgiving Meaningful with Gratitude

Do you ever wonder about making Thanksgiving meaningful? Let’s see what John and his friends discovered; (excerpt from my upcoming book, “I Don’t Have Depression.”)   “On Saturday evening, we all met to plan for Making Thanksgiving Meaningful. When I reached Starbucks, Laila, Raj, and Maria were already there. They already had their coffee so…

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Alcohol and Depression

Raj was feeling sad during the discussion with his friends about how depression led to Tom’s suicide attempt. He suggested for alcohol and depression; “Let’s have a drink. It will calm us all down” “Are you sure?” said Martin. “Did you know that alcohol is a depressogenic drug? In other words, it causes depression.” Raj…

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Do you have low energy levels
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IDHD – Food and Mood

Have you ever noticed that you feel cranky when you don’t get proper food at proper times? Do you ever wonder how food affects your mood and your mind’s ability to function?  Read on to learn what Jim discovered and how changing his food affected his mood. This is what Jim had to say about…

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Negative stress into positive effect
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[Podcast] How to change a negative experience into positive action

Do you ever wonder how to change a negative experience into positive? I’m excited to share my appearance on The Nobody Guide to Life podcast, E68, where you may find an answer to this question and many more like: How a simple practice helped me change my negative experience into a positive outcome. To develop reserves…

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Why Is It Hard to Remain Stress Free?

The other day when my friend and I were meeting over coffee, the topic came up. “Why is it so hard to remain stress free state?”  She asked, “When I use some relaxation technique, I do feel relief. But it doesn’t last. I feel stressed again within a short time. Why?”  Do you ever feel…

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work stress
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How a CEO Transformed the Stress that Nearly Broke Him

Recently I read about a CEO confessing that stress nearly broke him. Can you relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed with stress? Would you like to learn how this leader turned his stress from a source of suffering to an opportunity for growth? I recently shared this story in my keynote at a conference…

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pottery classes
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How to Relax Your Mind and Develop Problem Solving With Art Meditation

The other day, my friend Sam shared that she was going through a stressful period in her life. She knew that meditation could help her but she had difficulty sitting quietly to meditate. Her mind could not stop constant thinking and could not relax mind. Do you ever face a similar problem and wanted to…

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When your trouble feels too big- inspirational song lyrics and video

The other day, my friend Laila said; “Some times life is tough.” She is going through some difficult times and I have been trying to empower her with some tools. So, today I woke up with the thought of sharing this beautiful Urdu song I had heard in the past. I started looking for it…

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How to Get You Through Life’s Challenges Without Losing Hope

The other day, I ran into my friend Judy, and she seemed very stressed. She was wearing a wrinkled outfit. She hadn’t taken any care of her appearance before running to the store. She seemed to be dragging the weight of the world. Over a cup of tea, she opened up to me about her…

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How to overcome depression
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How to Prevent and Get over Depression?

No one has ever asked me this question in my 20 yrs of practice. I wonder why. Have you ever had this question? Do you think it is crucial to find how to prevent depression that affects one in 5 people in their lifetime? What if you can do something to prevent depression? If you…

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