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Why do people have difficulty staying mindful?

Calm: How to relax your mind when there is so much going on? ….   When your thoughts are not going to ten thousand other things, and when you are experiencing what is happening at the moment, you become mindful. When you are present-minded—besides avoiding accidents—you can feel more relaxed, and you can enjoy your life. You…

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Are You Developing Depression- Depression Awareness Series- 2

Do you fear that you may be developing depression? You are not sure, but do you feel scared even to ask? Do you fear that you may be labeled “crazy” or forced to take medication if you seek help? You are not alone. One in five people suffers from depression at some point in their…

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to build confidence
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Unique Ways To Build Confidence

Recently, Pat, a 30 yr old woman shared her frustration with me; “How can I be confident and affirm that I have the best job possible when I am receiving only rejections to all my job applications?” She was trying to recover from her condition and had made a vision board to help her visualize.…

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Know Five Signs of Depression and Save Lives

Do you ever get suspicious if someone says that they are suffering from depression? Does it make you feel that it is just an excuse from taking responsibility for their behavior? You are not alone. Most people who have never experienced clinical depression have a hard time understanding the behaviors of a depressed person. How…

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