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Unveiling The Book Cover

How do you choose a book? Do you ever judge a book by it’s cover? We all do. When I was sharing my thoughts about the book cover concept, a friend commented, “I did not realize how much thinking goes behind a book cover.” So let me share some of the thoughts that went behind…

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# 1 asset for feeling and looking good that we forget to use.

# 1 asset for feeling and looking good that we forget to use.   Have you heard the phrase ” the first impression is the last impression.” When you hear that, what concept comes to your mind? Is it how you dress, your hairstyle , makeup, jewelry, or accessories? I think all these contribute to…

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Stressed or Depressed; What To Do? Depression Awareness Series- Part 2

Do you fear that you may be developing depression? You are not sure, but do you feel scared even to ask? Do you fear that you may be labeled “crazy” or forced to take medication if you seek help? You are not alone. One in five people suffer from depression at some point in their lives,…

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Is Mental Health Only Important For People With Mental Illness?

Do you automatically disregard any mention of “mental health,” thinking “Why do I care? I don’t have a mental illness.” You may or may not have a mental illness, but you do have a mind. Right? The mind is that powerful software system that runs the hardware of your brain and body. It doesn’t only…

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Five Distress Signs That Could Help You Save Lives; Depression Awareness Series- Part 1

Do you ever get suspicious when someone says that they are suffering from depression? Do you feel that it is just an excuse to get out of taking responsibility for their behavior? You are not alone. Most people who have never experienced clinical depression have a hard time understanding the behaviors of a depressed person.…

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