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Struggling to Achieve your Dreams? Then Watch This Video

“I wish I could achieve my dreams, but I cannot, because…”. Do you ever find yourself saying this? You feel that you can’t achieve your dreams due to the limitations you have. Most people do, at least sometimes, including me. I recently watched this funny Ted talk and felt so inspired, I wanted to share…

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running out of time
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When You Feel that You Don’t Have Time…

Do you ever feel stressed even when good things are happening? Does it make you feel that you don’t have time for other things? I go thru that phase from time to time when too many good things are happening. Let me share a recent example and the tools that helped me. They may benefit…

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stress management tools
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Stress Management Tool-Emotional Coping Account

Imagine you’re cut off in traffic on a day when you’re feeling tense with stress.  Now imagine being cut off on a day where you’re calm and happy. How is your response different? You may notice that you respond more calmly when you are not stressed. Now the question is, how do you stay relaxed…

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When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do you ever feel like giving up when things are getting too hard? Most people do at some time in their life. How do you get over those feelings when you feel like giving up? I had my own experience of feeling like giving up, just a few months before my first book Stress to…

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Feeling Depressed?

My friend Jasmine told me the other day, “I feel so stressed. I’m not sure if I am developing depression?” I shared with her a resource called the Depression Toolkit. The University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center developed it. It can help people who may have depression or other mood and anxiety disorders. The assessment…

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how to grow new brain cells
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Can You Grow New Brain Cells?

Do you ever wonder if you could grow new brain cells to improve your memory, focus or thinking capacity? In the past, we used to believe that all brain cells are formed in childhood and there is no further growth.  We only lose brain cells as we age or develop disorders like Alzheimer’s dementia. We…

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stress management
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What is Positive Stress?

The beginning of the year is also a time when people have gone through increased demands of activities, socializing and sometimes vacations. Many times they feel drained and exhausted afterward. Why?  Because too many of even good things can be stressful for the body and mind. We call it positive stress. The stress due to…

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remain calm
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How to Remain Calm When Things Don’t go as Anticipated

How do you feel when something doesn’t go as expected or anticipated? When the book was not released as expected, I felt the same way as when I missed my flight the other day. I was flying from Atlanta and the security and wait at the airport was so long that it kept going on…

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grateful vision
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Vision Board Planning

Pat, a friend, shared her frustration with me; “How can I be confident and affirm so that I have the best job possible when I am receiving only rejections to all my job applications?” She was trying to recover from her condition and get back to a good job. Vision board helps her visualize what…

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Benefits of Gratitude

Research at UC Berkeley found that a gratitude practice can help you and your brain heals That may be no surprise to anyone who’s studied all the benefits of practicing gratitude. But there was one thing I read in their research that was shocking which few people know about yet… Changes in Brain: It turns out a gratitude practice…

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