Like A Fire Fly

Like A Fire Fly

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You Can Do Big Things

Even When You Feel Small.

Do you ever feel too small or too insignificant or not good enough for doing something important? Many people do. When you feel that way, how can you overcome the feeling?

I had a recent experience of not feeling good enough. I felt the fear that someone may laugh or ridicule me. This happened when I stood in front of a camera for the first time to record the videos for my online course; “Stress to Joy.”

Talking to people one-on-one is no problem for me. Talking to a group of people gives me some butterflies in my stomach, but once I get started and connect with the audience, I get in my zone. Talking to a camera when you can not see your audience and you don’t know who is going to be watching you and how they’re going to judge you was nerve-wracking.

I believe that the courage is not the absence of fear but it is the ability to feel the fear and do it anyways. So standing in front of that camera, I was repeating that statement from Susan Jeffers book “Feel the fear. do it anyways” to myself; “Feel the fear, do it anyways”. Although I was doing it, my body was tense, I was talking fast and I appeared nervous. My coach, Ben and Suzanne Patwa saw that and helped me. They reminded me of my intention of helping millions of people be happier and helped me visualize the impact I could have by doing what I am doing.

It helped me calm down and brought the image of a firefly to my mind. You may ask, what does Firefly have to do with fear of being in front of the camera? Let me share the association I have in my mind. The image comes from a poem I learned in my childhood from a popular Urdu/Persian poet, Allama Iqbal. He wrote a lot of inspirational poetry that has contributed to my value system significantly. In his poem, “Hamdardi, he describes the story of a bird and a firefly. The bird spends the whole day looking for food for its babies and it gets dark.  The bird can’t find its way home and starts crying. As it is asking for help, a firefly shows up from somewhere. The bird is unsure but firefly says, “Although I am a small insect, I am blessed with the gift of light.  I will shine your path. I will help you reach your home.

That day in front of that camera, I felt like the firefly. Although small and insignificant in some ways, I do have a gift that can light someone’s path.

That image helped me stay connected with my inner gift of knowledge and experience. It allowed me to bring my light to shine someone’s path.

I found my light. What is your light?

Image of Firefly, focusing on purpose and end goal helped me overcome my fear. What is helping you overcome your fears and bringing your light to shine on people around you?

Share your inspirations. You might shine someone’s path.

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To your health and happiness.

Dr. Rozina

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  • You are an inspiration! I love the idea of using your goals to calm the nervousness that comes with pursuing those goals. When I have a big project that I am nervous about I find comfort in my preparations. Then I tell myself, “I have done all I can to prepare, now it is time to shine.” Corny? Maybe. But it works 🙂

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