Holiday Stress Relief: How to Decrease Driving Stress.

Holiday Stress Relief: How to Decrease Driving Stress.

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Holiday Stress Relief:

How to Decrease Driving Stress.


Do you sometimes feel the holidays become more stressful than joyful? What can you do to minimize the stress and maximize the joy? There are many causes of stress during the holidays and may require different strategies. Mayo clinic’s post on Stress, depression and the holidays: Tips for coping shares some great tips to prevent holiday stress due to multiple reasons. In this blog, let me share some tips to cope with one of the causes of holiday stress that comes from the need to drive during this rush season. Whether you are trying to go shopping, to a party, or just trying to make it to the airport in time to catch a flight.

There’s a myth that driving in traffic has to be stressful and you can’t do anything about it. It’s true that you can’t control traffic, but you can still control what you think, say, or do while driving. You can become angry and worried; do what you can do and let go of the worry and anger. To be able to think and make proper choices, you need to first keep calm. In my upcoming book, “Stress to Joy” I share a story of a friend named Sam, who was struggling with the stress of being on the road several hours a day due to her long commute. One technique that helped her feel less stressed during her drive and transform her driving experience from a stressful to a joyful activity was Mindful Driving.

The basic principle of mindfulness is staying fully aware of each moment and experiencing whatever you are doing with open-mindedness and without judgment. So, to drive mindfully means observing and experiencing the process of driving with full presence of mind. It is such a simple process yet you may notice the common tendency of your mind to wander everywhere except where you are, especially on routine routes. Many times, you reach your destination without awareness and enjoyment of all the beautiful scenes on your way. You may be feeling frustrated being stuck in traffic, worrying about being late or thinking about something different. It all adds up to stress. When you feel stress like this, you feel exhausted and unable to enjoy your destination fully. If you practice mindfulness while driving, your mind cannot only focus on the process of driving and enjoy the scenes on the way, but it can also focus and enjoy the destination as you feel less exhausted. I have recorded a guided mindfulness exercise to help develop the skill of mindful driving that you can  download for free.

Going forward, remind yourself to drive mindfully every time you drive so you can decrease your stress and increase your joy while driving for fun or work.

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