Exceeding Expectations

Exceeding Expectations

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Do you want to succeed in all areas of life and be the best you could be? Do you try to exceed expectations at work so you can get promotions? Or with clients to earn their loyalty? Maybe with family to get appreciated? Do you find it hard or stressful at times? How can you be the best and exceed expectations without feeling the stress? Let me share a simple way here.


We live in a meritocratic society. So there is no doubt that to be able to stand out in a crowd and succeed, you won’t have to just meet the expectations but exceed them. Whether it is with your co-workers, customers, teachers, family or even yourself.  


When you chase a constantly moving target, it increases your stress level. You never feel the joy of achieving your goal because once you achieve the target, you keep striving for more. Not only that, it becomes harder when there are many different targets- different people whose expectations you are trying to meet or exceed. So is that wrong?  Is it wrong to want to please everyone so your path to success gets clear?


Have you ever heard the story of the man who tried to please everyone? I read it as a child and it helps me many times. It goes this way.

A man was going to the city with his son. He had one donkey. Holding the reigns of the donkey both his son and he started walking towards the city. As they passed some villagers, he heard a villager saying, “What a fool. He has a donkey and he is still walking. He is not only making himself tired but also his young son tired.”

The man decided to put his son on the donkey and walk himself. As they passed some other villagers, he heard a villager saying, “What a fool. He is making his young son ride the donkey and getting tired himself.”

The man thought again what he should do. So he decided to make his son walk and ride the donkey himself. After few blocks, they passed another set of villagers. This time he heard them saying, “How inconsiderate is this man. He is making his young son walk when he himself is enjoying the ride on the donkey.”

So he decided to put his son also on the donkey and they both rode the donkey together. After a few blocks, they passed another set of villagers. This time he heard them saying, “How cruel is this man to the donkey. He and his son are putting all their weight on that poor donkey.”

The man got so frustrated, he asked his son to help him carry the donkey rest of the way.


The moral of the story, you can’t please everyone. So what do you do? Not try to please anyone? Say goodbye to your desire for success and growth? No. The best approach is to keep the Purpose of how you can make a difference in people’s lives with any of your endeavors clear in your mind and then follow the approach of “Get better Daily”.  You would be the best you could be at any time and automatically move towards your destination with least amount of stress and most amount of joy.


When I started working on my project of helping people decrease their stress and increase their joy with my book “Stress To Joy”, I found it also hard and stressful at times. As there are so many approaches and so much written on the topic. To be able to add value and make a difference, I had to exceed expectations of my readers. People expect fast results and value for their time. I realized that I was trying to please everyone, it was causing stress and I was not able to meet my own expectations let alone exceed them. What helped me wa the reminder of my purpose. My intention is to help more than a million people decrease their stress and increase their joy. My coach helped me to visualize how the world would be if I am able to even make a small difference in people’s lives. If people can decrease their stress, and increase the joy, they will fight less, bring the best out of them. The world would be more joyful and peaceful place. Once I was able to connect with my purpose and focus on getting better daily, I was able to exceed my expectation and in turn I hope to exceed your expectations from my upcoming book.  


One extra tip for success is to keep the compassion for yourself in pursuit of care for others and you would be able to do the best.


If you don’t focus on purpose and getting better daily, then you would not feel happy even if you achieve a particular milestone on your path of success. If you keep the purpose in mind, not only will you succeed but you will feel joy and peace in the process.


Exceeding expectation is hard but possible when you have intentions of making a difference. Starting today, keep intention of people’s best interest in forefront on your mind and focus on “Getting Better Daily”. You would automatically exceed expectations of people you come in contact with.


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To your health and happiness,


Dr. Rozina

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  • I love that story! It reminds me of my own struggles as a “people pleaser.” It is a great reminder that I need to make sure I am happy so I can interact better with my co-workers, friends, and family.

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