Can You Grow New Brain Cells?

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Do you ever wonder if you could grow new brain cells to improve your memory, focus or thinking capacity?

In the past, we used to believe that all brain cells are formed in childhood and there is no further growth.  We only lose brain cells as we age or develop disorders like Alzheimer’s dementia. We can’t do anything to grow new ones.

New research has found that the brain (nerve) cells can grow even in adults. Researchers have found new cell growth in the brain area called the hippocampus. These cells play a vital role in the areas of learning, memory, mood, and emotion. Scientists are also discovering the steps we can take to help this process.

Check out this video of an interview with a cutting edge health scientist Dr. Sandrine Thuret. She shared her research findings on How to Grow New Brain Cells. 

Make a note at about 16 minutes mark, when she identified the role of stress in this process.

Even low-grade chronic stress interferes with the growth of new brain cells.

This can not only lead to depression but also memory and learning problems.

Although stress is part of today’s life so you can’t get rid of it completely. Still, you can do something about it. While you can’t control all the stressful events in your life, you can control how you respond to them.

If you don’t manage how you’re reacting, stress can cause devastating consequences. And it can sabotage the growth of critical new brain cells. By training yourself to respond effectively to life’s challenges you can grow new brain cells, enhance your memory, and experience greater happiness.

Are you managing your stress before it manages you and growing these new brain cells?

If you are applying some of the techniques you are learning through these articles, you are. You can take more steps from the tips in the video and protect yourself against dementia.

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