# 1 asset for feeling and looking good that we forget to use.

# 1 asset for feeling and looking good that we forget to use.

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# 1 asset for feeling and looking good that we forget to use.  

Have you heard the phrase ” the first impression is the last impression.” When you hear that, what concept comes to your mind? Is it how you dress, your hairstyle , makeup, jewelry, or accessories? I think all these contribute to the first impression, but the most important factor that impacts the viewer is your  body language and especially your facial expression.


Have you noticed that when you see a person who has a soft smiling expression on their face, even if they don’t say anything, you feel comfortable? I am not talking about the cunning or manipulative smile. I am referring to a genuine soft smile. Compare that to a person who has an angry/rude expression. Which one makes you feel better, smiley or angry expression?


One day when my kid commented, “Mom you look so serious. Are you upset? Are you sad?” Well, I was not angry or sad. I realized that my facial expression is like that when I am thinking about something. What can I do? My initial reaction was “Oh that is what my face is like, and I can’t do anything to change that.” Really ???


Later, I asked myself. Can I not do anything about it? It reminded me of a discussion I had with a patient of mine. It had touched me, and I still benefit from it. She has passed away since then, and I want to give a tribute to her by sharing this story.


She had read about a “half moon smile” in a book and shared that she has been trying to bring half moon smile on her face every morning. It was helping her improve her mood. We laughed about it together as literally half moon smile would be ok on a emoji, but just imagine it on your face, won’t it look more like yawning. We decided that “Crescent Smile” was a better name for the smile.


So now, when I realize that my facial muscles are tight, even when I’m alone, thinking or praying; I try to bring “crescent moon smile” on my face. I feel it also brings a twinkle to my eyes. As it softens the tension in the muscles, it is also called a “Soft Smile.” When I smile like that, It relieves the pressure; I feel good, and people around me feel good too. In my book “Stress To Joy” I mention that people spend thousands of dollars on their looks, clothing, hairstyle, even on botox and plastic surgeries but one free accessory that they often forget to wear is their smile. My friend Jean sent me an email after reviewing the book. She wrote that she was so inspired by that statement that she placed a smiley face sticker on her computer. It reminds her to smile every time she turns on her computer. I think that is the same reason people put pictures of their pets or children on their screen saver to bring a smile on their faces but many times they forget to pay attention to those pictures.


So why don’t you also try? Put some reminders around you and every time you become aware, just soften your face muscles and bring that Soft Crescent Smile on your face. Notice how you feel, how people around you react differently and then share your experience with me.


Once you try that, you can take it one step further. When you see someone, even when you are passing by (a coworker or a friend or a family member), look in their eyes with a crescent smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes. That would tell that person that you are happy to see them. If it is appropriate, say “Hi, How are you? Stay there for 30 more seconds to hear and see their response. Leave by saying a greeting with intention even when it is simple “Have a good day” How do you feel when someone gives you that eye contact, a smile and a greeting? Doesn’t your day gets a little brighter and your burdens a little lighter? Experiment a little and observe how people react when you give them that smile. You may already be doing that, in that case continue. Do it intentionally and observe.


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Have a smiley day.

To your Health and Happiness,

Dr. Rozina

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  • Thank you for this article. I read this about a month ago and thought I would give it a try. So every time I was out and about I made sure to have a pleasant smile on my face. You know what? It was great! People are just nicer to you when you smile. I started smiling a bigger smile when people said “hi” or picked something up for me when I dropped it and I was rewarded with a big smile from the other person. I know it made my day brighter but I think it made the other person’s day brighter as well.

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